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Earlier school events

June 2015: Outgoing principal Sr Shobha (centre), new principal Sr Anicia (right), deputy principal Sr Krishensia (left)
and school secretary, Kiran Lama immediately behind Sr Shobha

September 2015: Dance performance for Australian tour group

September 2015: Teachers day

August 2015: PV students reenacting a famous statue of Indian Freedom Fighters.


August 2015: Independence Day celebration at the school

Sr Shobha (left) on the day she handed over the role of principal of the school (17 June 2015) with the new deputy principal, Sr Krishensia (right)


A tour of the new school building, February 2015


February 2015: Students dressed up and dancing at the school's 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

January 2015: Foundations of the new toilet block, as seen from the top of the new building.

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Construction of new school building: June 2014 - February 2015

January 2015: Sr Shoba with the nearly finished new building

September 2014: Bamboo supports for the ground floor roof and first floor floor

August 2014: construction of first floor.

June 2014: Start of construction of new building

July 2014: Blessing of the new computers and the computer room

Seven new laptops have been bought to add to the two laptops that were donated. The new computer room has a bench along the full length of the wall and there are now computer classes five days a week.

April/May 2014 Newsletter

This year's School newsletter is the biggest ever, with stories on breaking the ground for the new classrooms, new toilets, more computer access for students, staff changes, a health and hygiene workshop for girl students, a letter writing exchange between PV students and students in Australia, and a the results of a scholarship arrangement for PV students. There's also a short story on the art project from largely recycled materials. This photo is one of the artworks. Note how the bird feathers are made out of pencil shavings.

January 2014: Class X excursion report

Hai, I am Sujeta Kumari Student of Prajna Vihar School Bodhgaya. I have two sister and two brothers. I am the third girl child of my parents. My father would have not sent me to Kolkata. It is because I am girl. But my school made it possible. This was my first trip to Kolkata when we were told about the trip I was very happy and excited. The faces of the students were brightened.

At last, the expected moment arrived and we were ready to start our educational trip. We have to wait for three hours. At midnight we started our journey. Our seats were reserved. We were so happy that we could not sleep in the night but just enjoyed the company of one another. We were welcomed by Mr. Kapil Kapoor. He accompanied us through our tour. First day we went to Victoria memorial and Birla PLANETARIUM. In Victoria memorial I learned many historical facts. Birla Planetarium is very big one. I enjoyed seeing stars and planets. I could not think how the whole roof was moving. In the evening we came back to our residence.

Next day was Sunday. We were taken to Science City. Oh. It was wonderful. We saw Evolution park. It was all about
dinosaur. How they declined from the earth. There were many things to see. I like most was 3D show and rope way. I
learned many facts about geography and science. The same day in the evening we left for Bodhgaya. It is a memorable tour in my life. I thank  my principal, teachers and all those who made it possible.

Sujeta Kumari

July 2013: FCRA Approval

After many years of trying to get approval to receive funds directly from overseas, this full approval was finally granted by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. The approval is in relation to the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act (FCRA). The school had previously been granted in limited FCRA approval, giving permission to receive specified funds from overseas for land, building and building maintenance. This full approval means that it will be much more straightforward for the school to receive funds from overseas.

April 2013: School painting

A specific-purpose and generous donation from Australia was made to paint the school. Apart from hotels on the edge of Mastipur, the school would now probably be the freshest looking building in Mastipur.

School in early 2013